Payments to Russia for fossil fuels

since 24 February 2022

This Russia Fossil Tracker is a project led by CREA to bring light to details of energy exports from Russia and how they changed after the invasion of Ukraine. We do that by tracking detailed ship movements and pipeline flows in as much detail as possible. Read more about the methodology here.

According to our estimates, since the beginning of the war, Russia earned EUR billion in revenue from fossil fuel exports. European Union countries purchased for more than EUR billion.

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The European Union imports of Russian fossil fuels have steadily declined since the end of March, being more than halved in monetary values compared to pre-invasion levels. Whilst the EU remains the largest importer of Russian fossil fuels, it is now only marginally superior to China.

Oil (including crude oil and oil products) and fossil gas (either pipelined gas or LNG shipments) represent the vast majority of this revenue, as shown in the chart below.

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